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Blogging in the Future?

November 29, 2009


Every blog has some type of purpose to whoever is creating it. Mines purpose was to help and enlighten people on current events. While it was required by class I really appreciate how it helped to keep me enlightened on current events as well. After this class, I think that I would like to continue updating my blog because I think that it helps me as well as others. I like being able to simplify material that to most people is complex and sticky. In the future, I would not mind having a real blog that does update people on current events. I think it would be fun to have a blog that looks at current events like Jon Stewart and other comedian news hosts present their information. I think this is more attractive to the general population and gets more people to listen and possibly read. Do I see myself doing any other type of blogging? Probably not. While I think the internet is a great tool, at the same time, things never get erased. What if something you blog about in college then becomes a reason you cannot get a job later on? Nothing is ever truly erased from the internet. I also do not think that anything else would keep my attention long enough to keep blogging about it day in and day out. I would truly have to love it. While there are things I truly love, I have not yet encountered one I want to write about all the time. I enjoyed this blog, I want to continue it, but not start a new one.



November 23, 2009


By doing this blog for class I have had to keep myself updated on current events. Sometimes life gets hectic and picking up a Wall Street Journal everyday gets hard. However, having this assignment for this composition class has made me keep myself better at making sure I read the newspaper almost every day. I think I have learned a lot about the Great Recession through writing this journal as well as the current political situation. I really liked looking into the causes of the Great Recession and what has caused it. The research put into that subject has made me realize that the world has to change. We can no longer have these reverse capital flows and trade surpluses and deficits. In the future, only more problems and possibly more severe crisis could evolve from its continuance.

                I have also realized that every situation I have talked about involves more than one country. Political aspects of the world today involve multiple countries. Even health care in the United States could cause more complicated relations with other nations if say we had many new immigrants because of the policy. It seems to me that nothing can be defined just within the domestic context but that everything is within an international context today. I hope that by writing this journal I have shown some light on problems and situations going on in the world today for our class. I love reading about such things, however, I realize that many people do not. I think this journal was simple enough that maybe people who would not normally read such things could have took an interest in my journal with the political cartoons and what not.

                More than anything this journal has taught me that everything matters. Everything and everyone affects something or someone.

Money: Full weight coins vs. Fiat currency

November 16, 2009

Who supplies “money” has been an issue throughout history.  The important difference in how the money supply changes in an economy using full weight coins as a media of exchange as compared to our modern system of fiat currency is that full weight coins were self regulated where as our modern fiat currency is regulated by the government.


Fiat Currency - $ 100 bill

With full weight coins the supply is not under the control of any single person but of individuals themselves.  Since each person has control over this then they are most likely to mint coins if the price incentive is right. This is important because when there are lots of coins their value or price level is low, but, when there are few coins their value or price level rises. Full weight coins are intrinsically worth as much as they are extrinsically worth which means the supply of money cannot overreach the amount of gold or silver available to the person/nation.  A person does not have the ability to spend money he or she does not have unless using some other means to attain goods; such as the barter system. Furthermore, when using full weight coins there is the problem of bimetallism.  When there are two different metals which at different times can be worth more or less compared to one another: there is a problem.  If gold is relatively scarce and worth more yet silver is abundant  and worth a lot less then people are not going to demand as much silver which would make the supply drop.  However this could lead to the problem of not enough small change.  The lack of supply of silver could then cause other problems in the economy.

spanish coin

full weight spanish gold coin from 1700's

Fiat currency supply in modern times is under the control/regulation of the government.  With governmental control of money, governments first must create a monopoly, which allows them to set the extrinsic worth of money.  Friedman argues that if the government did not have a monopoly over the creation of money, too many people could enter the fiat money system which could potentially drive the fiat money down to its intrinsic value of 0. It is also argued that with governmental control of fiat money creates the ability for social savings as well as governmental revenues. Furthermore, governmental regulation of the supply of money can help a nation when in need. During the great depression the government pumped money into our nation.  Although the government it’s self did not have that money, fiat money allows the government to spend money it does not have to help jumpstart an economy. Deficit financing has been an important part of history in helping to pay off wars in the past.  Lastly, with government regulation of fiat money you know that if you have 1 penny that you have 1/100 of a dollar.

A small thought on immigration..

November 9, 2009



Current Immigration Practices...

Human flows occur in diverse ways and have prompted corresponding concerns and policy actions worldwide. There is the issue between the poor and rich countries. Migration from poor to rich countries and vice versa. The two have very different implications. The next issue is the difference between unskilled and skilled labor migration and last but not least between the legal and illegal flows and then again between those that are voluntary and those that reflect involuntary movement prompted by strife and persecution.

There are both push factors and demand factors that affect immigration. Some of the push factors include improvement of one’s standard of living, enhancement of education and other opportunities for one’s children, attraction of better professional facilities in the case of skilled immigrants, etc. There are also economic factors at work. Refuges often always prefer and economically attractive final destination. Increasing inequality among nations make immigrants try to find economies where they believe they could make a better living.


Some of the demand factors include that as rich countries age and birth rates are going down there is an increase and hunger for unskilled and skilled labor, to supplement the domestic labor force and also to ensure the social security system does not end up bankrupt. Furthermore, even though technology allows us to outsource, proximity of personnel is often indispensable. No one in the United States likes to be put on the phone with someone in India. It is annoying and often a waste of time as language differences create to many problems.

The US should learn to cope with immigration rather than trying to restrict it. We need policies that will integrate migrants into their homes and help them to minimize the social costs and maximize the economic benefits. Furthermore governments should assist immigrants in settling in throughout the country to avoid depressing wages in certain regions of the nation. IF there is a huge influx of immigrants to say Texas well wages for those Texan’s go down as well as the wages of the immigrants. If the immigrants are better spread then it would help to disperse the effects of wage depreciation.



November 4, 2009

Rock the Vote Advertisement

This advertisement was created by an organization called Rock the Vote whose mission is to “engage and build the political power of young people in order to achieve progressive change in our country”. The photo here is of a normal American teen and it is clearly making a visual proposal. The proposal this picture is making is that you should vote because your voice will be heard and you are the one who determines the future. “You” being Rock the Vote’s target audience, young Americans. Voting levels in the United States have been decreasing in the past decades and something needs to be done. While 2004 and 2008 Presidential elections set voting record highs, however, this does not mean that the trend will continue.


Voter Turnout

There were many people who were upset and disgruntled with current political situations that pushed them to the polls. High voter turnout needs to be consistent in all elections whether it is congressional or presidential. Congressional elections have far less voters turn out to vote than does the presidential election and this is a problem because these are the people that represent you. The president represents the United States as a whole whereas; your congressional leaders represent your district or your state in the legislature.

The visual text assumes that its viewers are those young Americans who can connect with other young people like themselves as well as celebrities around their age. They try to make voting seem cool and try to connect the young crowd to politics and show them why it is important. This is a perfect visual image. It stresses American nationalism, American youth, and the American future. Who wants to have their future determined by others? Many people do not and this stresses visual image stresses on the fact that if you do not make yourself heard you are not changing history an d others are changing it for you.


For more information on the Rock the Vote mission CLICK HERE!